Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bienvenue! Welcome to Madame Giraffe, my blog about teaching French as a Second Language. I am a French teacher who is passionate about teaching the language in a way that is fun and engaging to students. Through my travels and studies I have gained an appreciation of how important it is to learn new languages and hope to pass on some of my resources, tools and knowledge to you. To start off, I will share a resource that I used on the first day of class in September to help students answer the question why do we need to learn French? The poster Why Learn French? contains many reasons to learn a second language that students will find amusing, such as "French is the only other language other than English that is taught in every single country in the world" or "There are well over 20 million native French speakers in the Americas". The poster can be found on the French for the Future site, which promotes bilingualism in Canada and has many useful resources for French teachers. Enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave comments or stories telling your experiences in teaching or learning the French language. I would love to hear from you! À bientôt!

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