Sunday, 26 February 2012

Le hockey pour toujours!

My class has been completing a unit on hockey. We started reading Le hockey pour toujours! by John Morrison. It is part of the Trésor Junior reading program by RK Publishing. The book is great to use because it has a good storyline as well as information relating to the history of hockey, current hockey teams and famous players. Each week the class learns new vocabulary from the chapter, answers questions, makes connections and tells about their reaction to the story. I also give the students quotations from the book and they have to put them in the context of the story and draw a picture representing that part in the plot. Other books we will read while completing this unit include: Encore un but! by Robert Munsch and Le chandail by Roch Carrier. We will also watch the short film for Le chandail found on the National Film Board of Canada site. Throughout this unit we will focus on action verbs, expressions with the verb faire and using the imperative tense in French. Students can put the new vocabulary and verbs they are learning straight to work through a gym unit on floor hockey and intramural floor hockey teams. Il lance, il marque un but!

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